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Whether you have woodworking needs as a hobbyist, a serious woodworker or as DIY expert, planers are often essential equipment. Portable power planers are required for jobs that require you to operate away from the shop, such as working on a patio, building a deck, garage construction work, and door repair.

Buying the right planer for a job come down to three different aspects, the type of job for which it is required, the cut quality characteristics and how much sniping is caused by the planer. For these, it is important to choose the planer with the right technical features.

The critical elements contributing to planer performance are the power of the motor, the cutter head characteristics and CPI. To handle thick wood, you need planers with powerful motors and high RPM. CPI and the quality of cutter head both determine the smoothness of the finish. It is also good to choose planers with fan assisted chip ejection which ensures that chips are vacuumed out of the cutter head and exhausted from the machine.

At Best Planer Reviews, we know our planers inside out. We review literally hundreds of planers every year. Come to us for expert reviews and buying guides. You will be glad you did so.