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A planer is a metal working machine that utilizes linear motion between the metal or wooden workpiece and the single point cutting tool. Planers can be as vast as that they can be used at the workshops or even as light and portable that they can be carried away quickly. Finding a good planer for your workshop might be a tedious job if you don’t have any idea about them or you want to buy but don’t have complete knowledge of them.

If any of the above reasons click your mind, then you might spend more than the required money for a good planer, or you may end up buying a planer that doesn’t meet your requirements. In this article, this is what we are trying to solve. We compare and bring you the best planers under $500 that could satisfy various needs and also address your most significant problem of finding the best planers at your doorstep.


This list comprises of best planers based on various things. The list is compiled based on the quality of the product, availability of the product, compatibility, and usability of the product and the reviews from users who have already owned and used the product. Let’s get started and drive right into the list and their descriptions.

Comparison Chart of Best Planer under $500

Reviews of Best Planer Under 500

1) DEWALT DW734 15-amp benchtop planer - Best Benchtop Planer under $500

best planer under 500

This one from Dewalt is a professional benchtop planer that uses a powerful 15-amp 20,000 rpm motor that can handle more substantial, deeper cuts in hardwoods. The specialty of this planer is that it doesn’t take massive space to cut the woods. It is merely designed with portability in mind and hence adheres to the situations where you want to carry it. It has a three knife cutter head that revolves at 10,000 RPM and provides 96 cuts per inch.

Providing such fantastic cuts per wooden block is admiring since the planer doing such a great job to get the most finished product is appreciable. The knives used in this planer is also reversible and provide 30 percent more knife life making it easier to change. There is a four column carriage lock that drastically reduces the movement that can cause snipe. The table that can take wooden planks is of 33-½ inches wide.

This extra ample space allows you to place more massive planks as well and cut them into required parts conveniently. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty from DeWalt that will enable them to repair, without any charge the defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship from the date of purchase.

2) Wen 6550 benchtop - Best thickness planer under $500

best thickness planer under $500

Wen 6550 12.5 inch benchtop thickness planer is another good looking and best planer under $500 that is available on the market right now. It has a granite table providing a sturdy surface that allows the wood to travel smoothly over. The plane board has 6 inches thick and 12.5 inches wide which is thick and full enough, that makes it very convenient and comfortable to use. The color combination of orange and black makes it a perfect balance.

Interestingly the 15A motor which generates 18,800 cuts per minute is vast and makes the surface to be plain at a 26 feet per minute feed rate. The feed rate and the speed at which they run are very crucial since that allows the wood to be as smooth as possible. To make it even easier, the depth which this planer can avail is 0 to 3/32 inch per pass. The smoothness or finish that you obtain from this will be fantastic.

As a bonus feature, there is also a fan assisted dust port that allows you to remove sawdust from the workpiece. Conveniently, the weight of the planer is less comparatively and also comes with a 2-year warranty offer.

3) Porter Cable 6 Amp Hand planer - Best Hand Planer under $500

hand planer under 500

Porter cable 6 Amp hand planer is the one which is a kind of planer made for easy-to-use via hand. Porter cable is one brand which is famous for developing many of the machinery and tools that are for suitable for industrial use. The handle that planer has is as grippy to hold that lets you make the cut in wooden pieces easier. With maximum load speed of 16500 rpm, it is worth mentioning that the cuts will be a lot smoother and quicker.

The planer has dual side dust extraction system that allows you to place the dust on either side of the work material and keep the work area clean. The depth knob that is made available has ten positive steps allowing you to better control and multiple depth control settings which will enable you to set the range as per essential needs. It also has three chamfering grooves for options on edge chamfering and smoothening.

There is also an 11.5” cast aluminum shoe that provides added control and better finish on the surfaces, and a 5/64” depth of cut removes excess of material in a single shot in lesser time. The things included in the box are PC60THP Hand planer, carbide cutting blades, a wrench, a dust bag an edge guide, and a kit bag.

4) DeWalt 20V Max brushless planer

DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer

DeWalt is the most familiar name in the tools industry, and this hand planer from the company stands right to its reputation. It has appropriately designed elements and ergonomic positioning, making it easier to hold and do the cutting operations a lot easier. With signature yellow and black color combination, the planer has a brushless motor which has a runtime of up to 32000 cuts per minute.

It has a calibrated depth adjustment knob that can adjust up to 5/64” inches and can attain a no-load speed of 15000 rpm. The body of the planer is well crafted and is precision machined front and back along with aluminum shoes to ensure smooth parallel cut. There is also a kickstand to make it the lot easier for the user to use so that it can rest upon any plain surface without gouging out the material.

Use of highly durable elements for making the entire planer makes it stand apart from the competition. It also has a V-shaped groove at the bottom that lets you create corner cuts a lot easier.

5) Porter Cable 15 Amp Thickness planer

best wood planer under 500

This is yet another thickness planer from Porter Cable that lets you cut the hardwood materials easily with most beautiful and smoothness touches. This planer is designed mostly for workshops but can also be used at homes or factories wherever there is a necessity to cut the wooden planks or smoothen them. It has 15 Amp motor that can provide you very rapid cut rate as well as the broader cuts.

Almost all the materials used inside the planer are of high durability and match to the industrial standards. There is an overhead knob that lets you control the height of the planer, the scaling provided on either side of the planer enables you to adjust the depth according to the needs. The middle space to place wooden blocks or planks is also quite spacious and can easily separate the dust from the rest of the work area.

There is a lot of manual effort involved to adjust the planer as per needs, however, it will provide you the finest and smoothest wooden finishes you always wanted from a good planer. There is no warranty information available for the product however you can contact the manufacturer directly regarding the same.


There are various kind of planers available in the market and finding the best fit for your need is quite a tedious job. The problem of finding the best for you is what we tried to solve through this article. These planers come from the most popular industrial tool manufacturing companies which over the time has built a great trust and reputation among the consumers. Since they have better consumer support as well, we are sure they will not let you down.

The best planers under $500 listed above have best in class motor and the handling power while using. The customer reviews received for these products are no lesser than a great appreciation of how good these products are. These planers can be chosen based on your need whether you consider portability as the important factor before purchase or you don’t mind it being heavy but focus on how good the end product will be.

So what do you think about our list? Are you satisfied? Not? Let us know in the comments section below whether we should include anymore!

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