Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit Review

The Bosch 1594K has earned the reputation to be one of the best door planers in it’s price range.

Bosch is known to design woodworking tools that are cheap on your pocket, but high on power, and the 1594K is no different. Here is everything about this powerful hand planer, and will it be suitable for your needs.

Initial Impressions

Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit

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It comes with a capacity of 3-1/4 Inch wide and is extremely lightweight (just 6 pounds). It feels good in the hand and the ergonomics are impressive. The carbide blades look well designed and with the bevel guide you can easily align your cuts. The 6.5 AMP motor, with 16,500 RPM seems to be a bit of overkill.

Adjustment & Safety

First up, the ratcheting knob can be used to adjust depth of the cuts. The inclination of the bevel is changed when you rotate the knob and it is best used while fine-tuning your cuts. The bevel guide comes in handy and you can set it full 90 degrees while working on a door or keep it an angle while planing windows. Adjusting the whole setup is a no-brainer and even beginners can figure it out quickly.

An impressive security feature is the spring near the bottom, which prevents exposing the blades while resting it on a surface. The chip ejection can be done on either side of the planer, and this comes in handy when you are working in a crunched environment. You can also connect a vacuum to collect chips. Finally the lock-off button prevents accidental starts.

The Motor

The motor seems to go overboard in terms of speed. 16,500 RPM gives the power to scrape more wood but it sometimes results in deeper cuts. We recommend perfecting the technique before you move on to main projects.

The lightweight helps to operate this machine using one hand. Overall a smooth finish is achieved but once in a while the cuts can falter.


Apart from the blades, other components are made of average materials. Cast plastic is used majorly and this severely effects the durability. If you use this on a daily basis it will wear out and you would have to look for upgrades. A good daily use hand planer is the Makita KP0810.

Recommended For

Because of the durability issues we don’t recommend it to use it for daily uses. However if you need use this for occasional door projects or if you are just getting into woodworking, it will serve your purpose.


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