DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer Review

A mid-budget planer, Dewalt DW734 is to go machine for small woodworking shops. If you are planning to upgrade from a hand planer, or need something with wide capacity, then this can prove to be a good option. Here is our review of the DW734.

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Initial Impressions of the Dewalt DW734

Like other bench top planers, this also houses a 15 AMP motor, with a cutter head speed of 10,000 RPM. This will allow you to work with slightly tougher woods if you are upgrading.

With standard Dewalt adjustment settings, you get accurate cuts as per your requirements. The extra-long extension tables give support to longer woods (33-1/2 inches). Overall this gives the impression of a perfect upgrade for your shop.


This planer comes with the standard Dewalt guarantee. No compromises were made in the build and every component is designed to last long.

The flat surface at top of planer can also support wood for faster operation while making subsequent passes.

Rigid Cast Aluminium is used to support the structure and overall we are very happy with build, and it easily beats most Delta Planers of the same price.

Powerful Motor

The motor used gives 96 Cuts Per inch and is not as efficient as the one used in the successors Dewalt DW735 or Dewalt DW735X, but it still manages to give a clean cut. If you don’t feed hardwoods like IPE you won’t be facing any difficulties. It can breeze through Maple or Oak, and overall give a smooth finish on most wood types.

The knives used are reversible and disposable, but you cannot sharpen them, so if the cuts from both sides become dull, you would have to get new ones. The in-house knives on average last 6-8 months, but it depends more on your use. And yes, replacing knives, or flipping them over, is so simple, your 5 year old daughter can do it. (But don’t cut your hand though, practice caution).

Overall, for a small shop which works on a small no. of projects, you would be satisfied. However, if you need to work on harder woods, we recommend going for the Makita 2012NB.

Standard Adjustment

This comes with all the standard adjustment settings from depth stop, to removal gauge. You can accurately choose the depth, and the extra large scale makes reading more easier, and cuts more accurate. The settings easily beat the lesser priced Delta 22-555, and spending 100 bucks more on the DW734 will give more accurate cuts.

Less of Snipe

Finally the Dewalt DW734, works exceedingly well at reducing snipe, especially considering it comes under 400 bucks. The four-column carriage lock holds the wood nicely, and this reduces snipe.

Further longer extension tables, reduce snipe at the corners. If you are upgrading from a hand planer, you must have concerns about sniping, and with the advanced technology used in this planer, you can put that worry to rest.


It is one of the noisiest planers out there. It keeps getting louder as you continue to work on the machine for longer hours. If you have smaller shop, the noise will annoy you so buy good quality headphones.

Also with the amount of debris or dust produced, it is almost mandatory to get vacuum for your shop. The Instalment will be easy and the dust hood can easily connect with the vacuum.

It’s highly recommended for you, if….

If you have small shop, or if you are upgrading from a hand planer this will be a great option. It has a powerful motor action, reduced snipe and better adjustment settings than most planer at this price.

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